Need to bring back the quality of old?

With over 40 years of business, and staff that has over 25 years of experience, we would love to bring back the quality of your Stove and more!


If you have a stove that you would like restored, or other things that could use any of the following treatments, please go to our contact page. We'd love to hear from you!


The first part of our stove restoration process is done with a careful touch. We torch down your stove to its parts for an easier and more thorough service.

Repair & Replace

Next we make all the welding, plating, and other needs to restore the functionality of damaged parts. If not possible we will try to replace the parts.


After it's put back together we put two coats of black stove paint on to give it the respected finish that has kept us around for so long.


With a varity of resources and machinery we can blast away rust, grease, cresol and other residue.


After the necessary repairs are made, we put the stove back together with fresh furnace cement. This reseals the stove so it's as good as new!

Nickle Plating

that after we clean your parts we send them off to get that lovely mirror finish.

Restoration Price Estimates
Cook Stoves Prices
Parlor/Coal Stoves Prices

A) Cut Down & Sandblast & Reassemble

A.1) With Water Tank

A.2) Without Water Tank

A.3) Clean / remove Enamel

B) Paint

C) Grates & Liners*

D) Nickel Plating*

E) Welding & Replacments*


(A.1) $475.00

(A.2) $425.00

(A.3) $500.00

(B) $85.00

(C) $250.00 & Up + Tax

(D) $550.00 & Up 

(E) Extra

(A) $225.00




(B) $45.00

(C) $120.00 & Up + Tax

(D) $375.00 & Up

(E) Extra

* Prices depend on Make, Model, and Condition

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